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يوند به صفحه اصلی May/2/2011


A letter to Director General of UNESCO

On the destruction of Perspolis


Ms. Irina Bokova



7 place de Fontenoy

75352 Paris 07 SP


Date: 05/02/2011

Dear Ms. Irina Bokova

It is almost seven years since Pasargad Heritage Foundation was founded, as the first international NGO for the salvage of Iranian natural and cultural heritage. It was originally formed to protest the decision of Iranian government to initiate the operation of Sivand Dam in Iranian Pars province which could potentially flood the ancient site of Bolaghi gorge and its adjacent internationally known Pasargad plain. We began our activities by the help of thousands of concerned people from all over the world. After a while, when it was clear that the Iranian government is ignoring the fate of a part of Iranian natural and cultural heritage that belong to pre-Islamic era, we had to expand our operations to cover all such heritage.

During the last few years, we have repeatedly written to your organization asking for establishment of an overseeing body/department/committee looking at what is happening in Iran. We have included numerous documents in our correspondence. Nevertheless, with the exception of a few cases such as the Nagh-e-Jahan square in Isfahan, no serious action has been done by UNESCO in this regard.

During past years, a major part of Iranian heritage, including worshipping centers such as Anahita temple and many invaluable historical sites in Shush, Ramhormoz all over Iran have been destructed or totally annihilated. This catastrophic end has even inflicted on many sites that are considered as parts of human cultural heritage; places such as Bistotun, Bam, Waterworks of Shushtar, Pasargad and Persepolis. They are decaying and fading away either due to complete negligence or intentional maltreatment. And yet, once again there has been no reaction from UNESCO.

This sad and destructive ending now seems to be the internationally known site of Persepolisí turn. Upon a huge compilation of reports and pictures, some of them even published in media run by the Iranian government, this site is in a very critical situation due to the destruction of its ancient drainage system. The dormant water in cold weather is exploding the stones and helping fungi to cover bas-reliefs. The site is covered by litter. The whole process proves the intentional negligence of the Iranian authorities with the aim of letting the site to whither away.

We, as an international NGO focused on the faith of Iranian cultural heritage, have given up on Iranian government to change its attitude towards such invaluable historical treasures. They are actually responsible for intentional destruction of them.

We, therefore, are seeking your immediate attention and help. We believe that you can, if you would take action, stop this catastrophe upon your legal capabilities and by reference to your 1972 Convention that entitles UNESCO with the task of overseeing the preservation of national and human heritage.

A world treasure, Persepolis, is waiting for your prompt action.


With Regards,

Shokooh Mirzadegi

Executive Director of PHF

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