Save  Pasargad Committee



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A note for declaration and clarification


Letter to UNESCO,

applying for the inclusion of the Iranian festivity of “Char-shanbe-suri”

in the Registrar of the World Heritage Organization

 Farsi    English   Germany

A Letter To the United Nation,

Regarding a rug presented by the Iranian Government to the UN

Asking for help from the people of the world to save Pasargad

An open Letter By Mohammad Ali Dadkhah

The Spokesperson of Society of the Defenders of Human Rights in Iran

As a warning to UNESCO to avoid any further disregard of the worsening situation of Pasargad ancient site

And as a request from all the world inhabitants

Pasargad Heritage Foundation takes legal action against Mr. Rahim Mashai and criticizes UNESCO’s inaction

A letter from Kourosh Zaim

to Iran's Foreign Minister

Open Letter to Konia Molana Festival

We believe that our cultural activities in the advent of a new century should be based on transparency and the dissemination of reliable information

A Proposal for Reforming UNESCO's Membership

UNESCO must become more proactive in its responsibilities and more sensitive to the wants of peoples rather than the governments.

Indictment of Mr. Esfandiar Rahim-Mosha'i, head of Islamic Republic of Iran Cultural Heritage Organization, for Crimes against Humanity

Pasargad Heritage Foundation, as an official non-profit organization concerned with the fate of human cultural and archaeological heritages, has been obliged to take the file on Mr. Rahim Mashai to International authorities and, putting his name alongside those responsible for destruction of world heritages such as the Taliban, has filed a complaint against him asking for a hearing on his intentional and systematic endeavors to destroy the ancient cultural treasures of the Iranian Nation

Happy Yalda

Letter to UNESCO, applying for the inclusion

of “Yalda” into the Registrar of the World Heritage Organization

Tehran International Law Conference Proceedings

Tehran Conference on International Law, sponsored by Iran Center for Thought and Speech, took place on Sunday June 24, 2007. The purpose of the conference was to discuss three proposals for reforms at the United Nations and the International Criminal Court. The conference was paneled by a number of well-known Iranian scholars and university professors of international law and graduate law students from various universities >>>>

Mr. Kurosh Zaim's letter

to the International Criminal Court

Extract: "I propose the following amendments be made to the Rome Statute in order to enable the Court to prosecute those who willfully destroy world historical and cultural heritage.

"Examples of such crimes are the destruction of the statue of Buda and numerous historical artifacts by the Taliban in Afghanistan; and the ongoing destruction of Pasargad historical site in Iran and the tomb of Cyrus the Great, a world cultural heritage." >>>> 

More Open Letters:

The Government of Islamic Republic of Iran is set to destroy a major part of humankind's cultural heritage

 Farsi English  German Swedish

A letter to Warner Studios

about the movie "300"

     By: Kourosh Zaim

An open letter addressed to the archeologists attending The conference for evaluating the results of salvage operations in Bolaghi Gorge (January 20, 2007)

Farsi  English German  Sweden

Pasargad Committee's letter

to Director General of UNESCO

 about the imminent angers threatening

Pasargad Plains Delivered to

UNESCO's authorities by Mr. Reza Bayegan,

the advisor of Committee in Paris on February 7th, 2007

Introducing “Shadows in the Desert”

Robert Gibbs

A letter to the members of WAIS >>>

 The right to preserve a nation's historical

and cultural heritage is a part of universal human rights

Farsi  English Swedish German

 Pasargad, the most important part of the Iranian archeological treasures, is standing on the threshold of extinction

Please write to relevant international organizations

and ask them to help us save these unique treasures

Farsi      English     Sweden  German

UNESCO och Internationella Federationen för Mänskliga

 Rättigheter Mina Damer och Herrar >>>

Committee's Activities

Town, home and  mausoleum of this father

of Human Rights Cyrus


 Feiern wir den Verkündungsjahrestag der Deklaration

 des Kouroshs, Vater der Menschenrechte.

 Let's celebrate

Cyrus the Great Day

And save the town, home and mausoleum of this

father of Human Rights

 Please save Pasargad in Iran

The city and mausoleum of  Cyrus the Great

A special interview with Mr. Francesco BandarinDirector of UNESCO's

 "World Heritage Centre"

 (Video File in French – Interview by Said Movahead - Camera by Milad Bahar)

English Translation

A letter  sent to UNESCO by Dr. S. Yazdani, executive member of the Pasargad Committee


 ICSASP Announcement - November 23, 2005

Report on the Committee's activities on Cyrus's and International Human rights Day on October 29

Useful Links:

Encyclopedia Britannica

Pictures:1 2 3 4 5

Complete guide to Pasargad

The first Iranian capital city

Pasargad, a registered heritage

About Pasargad in Fars province

City of Pasargad

Iran's Historic Monuments

Legacy of a Lost Empire


Cyrus the Great


Artists, Writers and Journalists

Who Support this Committee:

John Abraham

Vineeta Anand

Judith Angleson

 David Ash

Nari Erick Avari

Firdous Bamji

Uday Benegal

Dhunji Bilimoria

Sally Bridges

Porus P. Cooper

Don S. Davis

Stephan Donovan

Olivia Fuchs

John Goodman

Marc Dankof

Francisco Augusto De Avzevedo

Mauricio Galinkin

Amador Heredia

Homi J. Hormosji

Bomansha Josadaan

Arda Kaikhushroo Batha

Baji Karkaria

Rohinton Karkaria

Manjeet Kripalani

Joseph MaAllister

Nina Mehta

Niara Modi

David Mounch

Megna Nayar

Donya Nissi

Helury Olson

Sanaya Pavri

Kevin Roberts

Elizabeth Rosch

Joseph Salomonsen

Monali Sarkar

Jim Senta

Leash Stewart

Judy Stone

Thrity Umrigar

Niel Van Der Linden

Poormina Vinoo

Piroj Wadia

Jonathan Erran




Happy Cyrus the Great Day

This is a declaration belonging to 2500 years ago

that even today can inspire those who

believe in humanity and human rights

The posters are in:

 Persian, English, Germany, French, and Swedish.


Bear's Torture Commemorated with

Day Against Animal Cruelty

By: Fred Petrossian                                                    


Letter to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

Regarding Azarbaijan

          From:Kaveh Farrokh



Teimareh Petroglyphs and Star Trails

By Babak Tafresh


The Persian Festival in India


Nowruz Celebrations in Pasargad

Photos by Farzad Aryan Section 1   Section 2


Nowruz Celebrations in the Caucasus



Lecture: Influence of Sassanian Architecture upon European and Wider Civilization

Kaveh Farrokh will be providing a lecture at the University of British Columbia (UBC) entitled:

Influence of Sassanian Architecture upon European and Wider Civilization

Pasargad in snow

By: Farzad Aryan

Neil MacGregor:

2600 years of history in one object



Happy Yalda

By:Mohamad salehizade


Christmas & Yaldā

By: Zia Fatherazi

This is a declaration belonging to 2500 years ago

that even today can inspire those who

believe in humanity and human rights

The posters are in:

 Persian, English, Germany, French, and Swedish.



By Farzad Aryan (October 28th.2011)




By Akbar Nemati

By Akbar Nemati



save Urmia Lake

For the attention of

all conscientious inhabitants of the world

UNESCO's response to PHF letter

on the worsening situation of Perspolis

Lake Sunset (Lake Urmia, Azerbaijan, Iran)


A letter to Director General of UNESCO

On the destruction of Perspolis

ŃęŅ ĢåĒäی Ņćیä ŌĒĻ ČĒĻ

Happy Earth Day

Iranian New Solar Year of 1390

Was named as “The Year of Cultural Rationality”

By Pasargad Heritage Foundation

Pasargad Heritage Foundation Presents

The Nowrooz Award

On March 21, 2011

For their vision and efforts to preserve the national, cultural, historical, and natural heritage of Iranians that also belongs to all humanity

Cyrus Alai

The personality of the year 1389, in the field of “Cultural and Historical Heritage"

Bijan Farhang Darreh-shuri

The personality of the year 1389, for preservation of environment and natural heritage

Farzad Arian

The best photographer of cultural and

Kamjan Basin, NGO

The best NGO of the year 1389 is The NGO that revitalized the Kamjan Basin

Iranian New Solar Year of 1390

Was named as “The Year of Cultural Rationality”

By Pasargad Heritage Foundation


The Shahnameh and Persian Poetry

By: Professor Dick Davis


damages to the Anahita Temple


A declaration by Pasargad Heritage Foundation On recent reckless attacks on national treasures of Iranian nation


Blusher Nuclear Power Plant is not reliable, both technically and saftywise


An interview with Masoud Azizi, an expert on nuclear and space safty issues

British Museum sends Cyrus's Cylinder to Iran


This cylinder defines what Iran was and what it will be

By: Alan Philps

Dream of Persepolis

by: Farzad Arian


Extracts of Cyrus The Great Cylinder

Discovered in China

The Red Snake:

 The Great Wall of Gorgan


When Iranian Professors attack their own History:

The case of Dr. Parviz Rajabi

By: Cyrus Saidi, Kourosh Ahmadi & Shahyar Mahabadi

Pasargad Heritage Foundation


The Nowrooz Award

For their vision and efforts to preserve the national, cultural, historical, and natural heritage of Iranians that also belongs to all humanity. On March 21, 2010

 The Personality of the Year   

Shapour Suren-Pahlav

The Personality of the Year(1388/2009) for Cultural And Historical Heritage

Nasser Karami


The Personality of the Year (1388/2009) for Environment and Natural Heritage

Green Lawyers


The Civil Society of the Year



Articles and News


Saluting the Committee with a Cause

By Amil Imani 


April 22

International cooperation

to save Isfahan

By: Shahin Sepanta


Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah

or happy Kwanzaa?

By Cyrus Kar

English - German 

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

In the occasion of
60th Anniversary of Declaration of Human Rights
Don't forget that
preservation of cultural and natural heritage
is a inseparable part of human rights

An overview of Bisotun

Dr. Kaveh Farrokh wins

the Benjamin Franklin Award

Dr. Kaveh Farrokh was announced the winner of prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award for his book "Shadows in Desert" by the Independent Book Publishers Association of the USA. His book, on the machination and techniques of war in pre-Islamic Iran goes beyond the analysis of the Persian wars and expands into the description of a great civilization.

Culturecide of the Islamic Republic of Iran

By: Amil Imani

An interview with

The Iranian Cultural & Natural Heritage Year

       By: Amil Imani

LONDON, (CAIS): Lake Sivand (also Bolaghi)

is beginning to flood the Bolaghi Valley

Persepolis Fortification Archive Project

An Old Persian text in the Persepolis Fortification Archive

The Ancient Persian Empire

By Stefania Lapenna

Movie “300” versus a book called ”Cyrus the Great:

The art of leadership and war”

By: Bahram Badiyi


By: Cyrus Kar, Director

On the history and meaning of the Iranian

New Year  

Iranska Fester  Dr. T. Parsi   (Swedish)

Meanings behind the Persian names

By: Bahram Badiyi

A Note to Time Magazine

on its misrepresentation of Iranian  History

By: Bahram Badiyi

The Marriage of Mithraism and Christianity

By: Dr. Esmail Nooriala

Persia: Ancient Soul of Iran

A glorious past inspires a conflicted nation.

national geographic

Taken from Professor Kaveh Farokh's exceptional book

on the pre-Islam history of  Iran:

<<< "Shadows in the Desert"

4 Shanbe Suri and Noruz - A Poem by Dena Ziyari

An interview with

 Dr. Parviz Varjavand

abut Sivand dam ( in Persian)

International Committee to Save Pasargad

lost one of its major supporters


Dr. Parviz Varjavand, prominent archeologist, sociologist, writer and one of the cultural figures of Iran passed away in Tehran today, June 9th. He was a reputable and active politician who struggled against cultural and political atrocities of the IRI in many fronts and, consequently, had suffered imprisonment and constant annoyance.

Dr Varjaavand became a staunch supporter of this Committee from the early stages of its formation and acted as a wise advisor and reliable source of knowledge for all members of this Committee.

We consider his demise as a great loss to the Iranian people and would like to extend our condolences to his family, friends, colleagues and all the supporters of Iranian culture, archeology and art.

The 300 Movie: Separating Fact from Fiction

By: Dr. Kaveh Farrokh

Museums face fallout in fight over carving 

The “Best History Book of 2008” Award

The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media (WAALM) supports, develops and promotes the dramatic and fine arts, creative writing and poetry, as well as professional journalism and media productions. WAALM regularly identifies and rewards excellence, inspires practitioners, and benefits the public, by means of awarding events. The award granted is the Persian Golden Lioness statuette OR Diploma & Gold Medal of Excellence  This year’s awarded are to be granted on October 31st , 2008

Cultural Heritage

Natural Heritage


Archaeoligists Discover

an Achaemenid City Near Yazd

Request for Intervention of UNESCO for Saving

 Hormoz-Ardeshir Site

of Iranian Ancient Historical and Cultural Heritage

Yet, another national catastrophe for Iran

Bakhtgaan Lake is drying up

August 20, 2007

Bakhtgaan lake that has an important and national role in the preservation of natural habitat and environment is on the verge of drying up due to haphazard planning and construction of a few dams and government's negligence. Some parts of the lake have already turned into dried salty soil and the rest of it will follow suit soon.


Committee's Comment: One of the sources of water for this lake is the Pulvaar River that its flow has been stopped by the construction of Sivand Dam, whose lake has already drowned many archaeological sites and now threatens the Mausoleum of Cyrus the Great.

What Was Jiroft

You wouldn’t think that 6000-year-old bones and   pottery shards would wow a bunch of 20-year-olds. >>>

Kermanshah Polymer

Company Insists

to Remain in Bisotun Plain >>>

Tomb of Firuzan (Abu-lolo) in Kashan Destroyed

LONDON, (CAIS) -- The tomb of Firuzan commonly known as Emāmādeh Abu-lolo (or Abu Lulu)  in Kashahn, Isfahan province is being destroyed by the order of the Islamic Regime.>>>

The flooding of Sivan Dam is pronounced evidence to the nullification of the human rights of the Iranian people


Environmental Art Festival in Iran


The Reality of Geography and Google Company,

 Deal or No Deal ?

 A research by: Ali Tolooiyan

A press release for the world media organizations
On the
National Day of Persian Gulf

Caspian Sea >>>

Global Environmental

Problems in the Caspian Region >>>

IRAN: Old trees cut in name of Islamic purity

Divide and conquer? The Russian Plan for ownership of Caspian Sea >>>





Audio and Visual



By: Shahla Aghapour

Happy Esfandgaan

The last Clamour of Pasargad and Bolaghi

By: Mohammad Salehizadeh and Negar Salehizadeh.


This is a documentary made by Mohammad and Negar Salehizadeh. It depicts a walk from the mausoleum of Cyrus the Great (Korush e Bozorg) to the Sivan Dam through the Bolaghi Gorge. For those who have not seen this route, this is a must-see video. Nice editing and music selection too. It is dedicated to the International Committee to Save the Pasargad Plains >>>>>

 Pictures of "Abyaane" (a village located near Kaashaan)

Photographer: Hassan Naghashi

Please click here to see the


The latest pictures from Bolaghi Gorge 

(February 2007)

By: Mehr & Maah

(Exclusively for International Committee to Save Pasargad)

Exhibition at British Museum

Protest against the impounding of Sivand Dam

that would flood the archeological sites of Bolaghi Plain and Gorge and would ultimately ruin the mausoleum of Cyrus the Great -- on April 21, 2007 in Tehran, Iran.


New York's Persian parade,

Sunday March 25, 2007

New York Persian/Iranian Parade 2007

 protesting movie 300

An open letter to the world,

on the threshold of the grand catastrophe:

Please listen to the last clamor of Bolaghi Gorge

 Pasargad Plains and the mausoleum of Cyrus the Great

Happy Nowrooz

By: Akbar Nemati

Happy Nowrooz



 Cyrus the Great Cylinder

A New Translation of the Cyrus Cylinder

by the British Museum

Cyrus the Great's Charter

The Cyrus the Great Cylinder
Edited by: Shapour Ghasemi

A look at the first declaration

of Human Rights

By: Dr. Darius Jahanian

The Article of Cyrus Cylinder

 in Wikipedia is being vandalized.”

By: Koorosh Ahmad

Saluting Cyrus the Great on His Day

BY: Amil Imani

A short section of "In Search of Cyrus",

 by Cyrus Kar (In production)

Professor Georges Roux

and Cyrus the Great

Professor Georges Roux (not to be confused with the late science fiction illustrator of the same name) has specialized for decades in the archaeology and history of southern Iraq and has published articles for prestigious journals such as Sumer and Journal D’Assyriologie and has been nominated as being among the top Assyriologists by French academicians in the field. His book, “Ancient Iraq”" has the following description of Cyrus the Great and his treatment of Babylon (1992, pp.387):

The Truth Behind Spiegel’s Article

By: Cyrus Kar

Researcher, producer and director of "In Search of Cyrus the Great"

Retort to the Daily Telegraph’s article

against Cyrus the Great

By: Professor Kaveh Farokh

Kommentar: Prof. Dr. Kaveh Farrokh antwortet Spiegel

von fartaab
Sehr geehrter Damen und Herren der Spiegelredaktion, vor kurzem haben einige meiner Kollegen, sowie einige Studenten mich auf den folgenden Artikel aufmerksam gemacht:

Response to Spiegel Magazine's Attack on the Legacy of Cyrus the Great

By: Professor Kaveh Farokh

Proposing to recognize October 29th as the International Day of Cyrus the Great, in The Iranian Cultural & Natural Heritage Year

Cyrus the Great Day


Cyrus the Great Day

By: Cyrus Kar,

Director of "Cyrus The Great" documentary

In Remembrance of Cyrus the Great

By: Amil Imani


With the presence of world's most renowned scholars and top performing artists

 on January 26, 2008 at UCLA


" In Search of Cyrus the Great" is a factually-based documentary film

in need of your help and participation.

October 29, the “Cyrus the Great Day”

And the anniversary of his issuing the first declaration

of human rights >>>

     English Farsi - German - Swedish - French

Happy Cyrus Day

By: Amil Imani

Cyrus, you never died!

By: Kourosh Zaim

This is a declaration belonging to 2500 years ago

that even today can inspire those who

believe in humanity and human rights

Persian, English, Germany, French, and Swedish



The Iranians regarded him as

"The Father",

 Babylonian as "The Liberator",

 Hellenes as 'Law-Giver'

and the Jews as 'The Anointed of the Lord

Happy Cyrus Day


Honoring Cyrus the Great and His Charter

By: Amil Imani


About Pasargad


The New Iranian Year is declared by

The Pasargad Heritage Foundation,

As “The Year of Isfahan’s Cultural and Natural Heritage”

فارسی    انگليسی    آلمانی

Cyrus the Great: Tomb, by Akbar Nemati

UNESCO and Pasargad




These are our national heritage and wealth

Demanding their preservation is a part of our human rights

7000 year old skeleton discovered in Bolaghi Gorge - 2006

Pasargad Heritage Foundation

An open letter about the repairs executed in Pasargad

 Addressed to UNESCO, UN

and the people of the world and Iran

        English  Germany  Farsi

A letter from P H F

to Mr. Andrew Murray Burnham

The British Secretary of State for Culture

As a part of Commemorating

Cyrus the Great Day

   English Farsi - German

Pasargad Heritage Foundation

The First Ordinary Meeting of the Board of Trustees >>>

Persian Festivals


Happy Nowrooz

The Iranian New Year

Jashn-e Sadeh

Fire Festival

Today, September 30th 2009, Nowrooz,

the most important Iranian National festivity

was recognized as a world intangible cultural heritage

and entered it in the UNESCO's registrar. 

This was done according to the application of Iran,

India, Republic of Azarbaijan, Uzbekistan,

Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Turkey.

Nowrooz in White House

Happy Iranian New Year

Happy New Year 2008

The Iranian Festivity of Birth of

“Mehr" (Mithra)

During The winter solstice

 Dr. Touradj Parsi-

Dr.shahin sepanta

Happy Chahar Shanbeh Souri

Ahura-Mazda/ Mithras
On his tomb at Nimrud Dag king Antiochus I
of Commagene (northern Syria/eastern Turkey)
 greets a god from Persia .
(1st century BC)


One of the largest Mithraic temples

 built in Italy now lies under the

 present site of the Church of St. Clemente,

Near the Colosseum in Mithrakana

 Biggest Ilamite Inscription

Sprinkled with Paint

 Let's celebrate Cyrus the Great Day

And save the town, home, and mausoleum of this father of Human Rights

ICSASPP names the coming  Iran

New Year as the "Year of Pasargad"

Following the footsteps of Taliban